Focused on that forty percent.

Positive psychology has revealed that while 50% of our happiness is due to genetics and 10% to life circumstances — such as our age, occupation, and marital status — 40% of it is comprised of intentional behavior, thoughts, and actions.

0.4 is about the 40%: the stuff that you can control and implement into your life.

sharmaine sermonia: 
visual designer

Sharmaine Sermonia is the founder of Yawnicorn — an Instagram page dedicated to her daily design experiments. We were captivated by her use of gradients, highlighting Reading Lists, Rules for Living, and actionable ways to get through the inevitable bad day. Meet the designer behind the magic:

jozef bañuelos: 
product designer

at Lingo

Jozef Bañuelos is *the one and only* Product Designer at Lingo — the visual home for your brand. He's an insanely talented designer, a Pisces sun (!!), and the king of sarcasm. From motivational alarms to his opinion on the hustle culture, Jozef is letting us IN and we're here for it.

cognitive change & moving mountains

Yenny Hsieh shares photos from her past trip to Death Valley. Research has shown that experiencing a mountain setting for the first time triggers a great deal of cognitive effort, emotion and activation. During this time where we're staying indoors, Yenny contemplates on her evolving relationship with photography, travel and what it means to be in awe.

reduce cortisol

in 60 mins

Connections in the brain are the result of thoughts: when we learn something, new connections form. Learn how to scientifically rewire your brain and so you can re-orient your life.

Why going outside can decrease anxiety, without side effects.

Healthcare entrepreneur, Sarah Morford, is fearless and inspiring. She shares her thoughts on the swiping sensation that is modern dating, how to get what you want, and what helped shape her perspective on life.

How much does your physical space affect your headspace? A lot, according to recent studies — especially if you live in a city.

Sometimes it helps to get out of your head and see someone else's perspective on life. Know someone inspirational you think should be featured? Email us.



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