The Scientific Basis

Positive psychology has revealed that while 50% of our happiness is due to genetics and 10% to life circumstances—such as our age, occupation, and marital status—a total of 40% of it is comprised of intentional behavior, thoughts, and actions. In other words, a large percentage of our happiness is ours to take, if we know how to.

The magazine 0.4 is about the 40%: the stuff that you can control and implement into your life. Happiness is a conceptual construct we have too long believed is out of our reach: an emotional state of bliss for the lucky while the rest of us struggle to cope rather than thrive in life. Despite this depressing perception, positive psychology as well as other science fields have released evidence-based findings about what makes us happy. Now, it’s time to put that research to use.

In order to be happier, you have to cover all your bases: your body, mind, and heart. Though the three parts are divided in 0.4 for sake of organization, they are inevitably connected. This magazine is for you. You deserve happiness and you will be happier if you put in the work. As social psychologist Dan Gilbert says, “We synthesize happiness, but we think it is a thing to be found.”