Brenna Marketello: rule breaker, world traveler and most recently Lead Product Designer at Pinterest. When I reached out to her for an interview, she let me know that I caught her at the beginning of a 6-month solo sabbatical traveling through Europe (and then Asia!). Her response: "I’ll try to fill out the interview this week in Menorca as I’m just chillin' at beaches for a week." Inspired? A little jealous? We are.

1. What is your life motto right now?

Question everything. Break the rules.

2. What's your most-played song within the past week? Why?


I’ve been listening to my 2019 playlist on shuffle. Every year since 2014 I’ve curated my favorite new music on Spotify for that year. But usually I’m bumping Cardi B or Travis Scott on repeat. 

3. Your Top Three Books of All Time:

The Harry Potter series

The Power of Now

Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving


4. Your Approach to Health in One Sentence:

I think of health as a comprehensive relationship between mind and body. 


5. Your Approach to Happiness in One Sentence:


Happiness is achieved through nurturing the mind, gratitude and helping others. 

6. Your Approach to Dating in One Sentence:


Love yourself first and you will attract those worthy of your love and compassion. 

7. Funny/most cringe date:


I went on a date with someone from Hinge and this person could not carry a conversation so I made friends with the bartender instead… and got really drunk and then lied I had to go to a friends birthday party. Oof. 

8. Your Most Used Word:

Isn't it the word, “I” for everyone? I also say fuck a lot. 

9. Last screenshot:

(She's currently on a 6 month traveling trip)

image_preview (1).jpeg

"Stop buying shoes, save some money, quit your job and travel the world." 

10. What are 1-3 things you do when you feel blue to make yourself feel better? / or feel like you’re having an off day?

Go outside for a walk. 

Listen to a podcast, specifically the 10% happier podcast or a guided meditation.  

Cook myself a healthy meal. 

11. Insert most used emoji:​


12. Most inspiring quote:


Everything changes, nothing stays the same. Make your peace with that, and all will be well. 

13. What was the last thing that made you laugh?


watching a toddler disobey her parents and dip her dolls hair into the pool water. 

14. Who’s someone who you can rely on to always make you smile? Why/what do they do?

The fab 5 from Queer eye. They always post something funny or positive!  

15. Best advice you’ve ever gotten:

Design the right thing, then design the thing right. 

16. Someone/something that changed your life (for the better):


Becoming vegetarian and going to therapy completely changed my life for the better. Wish I started therapy earlier!    

17. Most overrated advice / trend right now (in your opinion):


Offering feedback on how others perceive you/telling a woman she is “intimidating.”

18. Something you feel like saying:


Stop buying shoes, save some money, quit your job and travel the world. 


19. Fave website / youtube video / link online at the moment: 


My favorite app at the moment is The Pattern. It's based on astrology and uses your birthday, time and location to inform you of personality traits and how you relate to the people and world around you. 

20. Fill in the blank: I’m happiest when I: _______________________


I’m near a body of water and it’s sunny outside. 

21. Tag a gem who inspires you: 


Kris Mendoza because he’s such a fearless creative. He’s always down to try out a new medium and usually kills it.