f*ck up &

be more likeable

the counterintuitive

science behind why being
perfect is overrated

f*ck up (occasionally)

These days there seems to be more pressure than ever to be perfect. Life can seem like a rat race and the desire to look like you've always got your sh*t together is super appealing. Moreover, we tend to think that when we finally do become the totally "perfect" version of ourselves, we will only then live that "perfect" life where everyone loves us and every day is filled with everything we ever wanted or needed.


Despite this widely held and proliferated belief, science simply says this isn't so.


Be a Prat (*but never a Pratt)

The 'Pratfall Effect' reveals that attractiveness actually increases when a perfectionist commits a blunder. This is because when people who generally perform well make a mistake, they appear to be MORE RELATABLE, and therefore more likable. These seemingly 'superhumans' are human after all!

The Takeaway

Obviously, do your best day to day but when ocassionally sh*t does hit the fan or for some reason you just can't at that moment really give life your all, don't fret because it's ALL GOOD. You're just another human on planet earth and more people will like you for revealing that.

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