Focused on that forty percent.

Positive psychology has revealed that while 50% of our happiness is due to genetics and 10% to life circumstances —such as our age, occupation, and marital status — 40% of it is comprised of intentional behavior, thoughts, and actions.

0.4 is about the 40%: the stuff that you can control and implement into your life.

what to take for better skin, sleep, & digestion

We're normally not ones for pushing pills — however, sometimes medication can really improve conditions like no amount of green juices or meditation could. These pills are relatively low-cost, non-prescription, and there are no extreme side effects. (Guinea-pig tested on yours truly.) 

how to get a job in 2019

How millennials are actually more committed than everyone thinks...and the top tips on how to get a new job.

Connections in the brain are the result of thoughts: when we learn something, new connections form. Learn how to scientifically rewire your brain and so you can re-orient your life.

Why going outside can decrease anxiety, without side effects.

Healthcare entrepreneur, Sarah Morford, is fearless and inspiring. She shares her thoughts on the swiping sensation that is modern dating, how to get what you want, and what helped shape her perspective on life.

How much does your physical space affect your headspace? A lot, according to recent studies — especially if you live in a city.

Sometimes it helps to get out of your head and see someone else's perspective on life. Know someone inspirational you think should be featured? Email us.



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dating series:

heartbreak 101

Cora Boyd, a professional dating coach, sat down with us to share her top three scientific tips on getting over the emotional mindf*ck that happens post-breakup.