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Women are much more socialized to talk about their feelings with each other. Men are not socialized to do that in the same way.


I saw that there was a big deficit there where there wasn't very much suport in this area for a guy who doesn't know how to date; a guy who is seeking some support and dating. We could all use support with dating so there's nothing shameful about it at all.


There are kind of these Band-Aid solutions or an emphasis on just like picking up chicks. In my practice, I'm like okay let's let's work on you and like how you can actually do work on yourself to be a good partner in a relationship etc..


Sex is very important it's a huge part of a relationship. There's nothing wrong with getting laid at all it's just that that's only one element of dating and being in relationship. Honestly, in order to have good sex, you need to have these other elements of the relationship. We all want that quality connection we all crave that we all need it. It's a human need and we know from positive psychology it's a need for happiness and fulfillment as well.


We're in a moment where we have a lot of shifts in gender politics gender dynamics. Men are not superior to women. And they're also not inferior. That's what equality is. 


Dynamics come up and people's interpersonal lives is. There wasn't a very kind of safe place to discuss or to acknowledge this confusion and discuss it. So I felt really passionately about providing that for men because I think that's part of the larger picture.


It's really necessary and you know we can't move forward into. Progression with progression if. If we're not addressing. What's happening now and also saying hey like OK. It's ok you don't know this thing or you don't understand this concept because we were all socialized within. This environment where we weren't taught that it's OK you don't know that. Here's what you need to know. And you know here here's what consent is here's the line here's here's where this is OK here's where this is not OK. So I feel really passionately about educating on that on and yes.