Healthcare entrepreneur, Sarah Morford, is fearless and inspiring. She shares her thoughts on the swiping sensation that is modern dating, how to get what you want, and what helped shape her perspective on life.

1. What is your life motto right now?

I’m not responsible for other people’s feelings.”

This is my therapy-by-proxy through my wife which has really helped me to free me in situations where I catch myself trying to manage other people before they communicate their feelings. I’m not a mind reader, and I shouldn't be expected to be. 

2. What's your most-played song within the past week? Why?

Mono No Aware by Great Grandpa

My buddy Dylan is in this indie band this is my fave song on their new album. It's a Japanese term about empathy toward things, and the awareness (and sadness) around fleeting beauty of life, but wonder at the fact that we were here to experience it. That's life. Sorta sad, but it's about perspective and living in the moment.


3. Your Top Three Books of All Time:

Truthfully, I don't read as much as I think I should but,

  • Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

  • The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman

  • Secrets of a Jewish Baker by George Greenstein


4. Your Approach to Health in One Sentence:

“Everything in moderation.” Also YOLO.

5. Your Approach to Happiness in One Sentence:


God that's tough. “Don't be so hard on yourself.” feels close though.  

6. Your Approach to Dating in One Sentence:

I heard a nice quote the other day, and I can't recall the source but it's along the lines of, “you’ll marry 5 people in your lifetime, and they could all be the same person”. I've been lucky enough to be married for 5 years this July, and I know we’re married to different people than we were when we met. I'm also lucky enough to have a partner that is willing to be equally committed, to put the other first, and to communicate our feelings constantly so we know how to be there for one another, and so bad shit can't creep in.


Love you, Tay. 

7. Funny / most cringe date:

There was this time when Tay and I had first started dating, it was the night before we were supposed to start our long-distance relationship after a summer of love. We were sophomores in college, making out in her room, it's getting intense, and all of a sudden it starts to feel a bit more… wet than usual. I open my eyes and shout, “oh my god, you're bleeding!” Blood was all over her face. Her expression quickly changed from confusion to fear to a playful grin- “No YOU’RE bleeding!” My nose was gushing blood all over my girlfriends face. Oh my god. She's gonna break up with me. I can't believe this is how it ends.


She couldn't stop laughing. Lucky for me, the absurdity of the whole thing just was hilarious to her. So we both laughed for a bit, cleaned ourselves up and the next day we began long-distance dating for 3 years before graduating and getting married. Wild. 

8. Your most used word:

Honestly, probably “Wild”. 

"Make a list of what you want in your partner—now stop swiping and spend your time cultivating these characteristics in yourself." 

9. Most inspiring quote:

oh boy here we go

10. What was the last thing that made you laugh?


A Hillary Clinton GIF my friends sent about losing sometimes, because today I feel like I’m losing, but it’s really no big


11. Who’s someone who you can rely on to always make you smile? Why/what do they do?


My dad. He is a goofball, and when I’m sad, upset, discouraged, or in straight-up bitch mode, one goofy grin from him can alter my entire demeanor, reminding me how ridiculous I’m being. He’s been through a lot in his life, yet always makes the choice to rise above his circumstance and stay hopeful. Even now that I live across the country, I imagine his goofy grins and it grounds me.  


12. Best advice you’ve ever gotten:


Event + Response = Outcome (E + R = O), from my dad. (and in a few more words from Viktor Frankl—Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.


13. Someone/something that changed your life (for the better):


Nearly dying of a surgical error during my cancer treatment. I spent the first 22 years leading up to my surprise diagnosis of thyroid cancer waiting for my life to happen to me. And then it did... From that day forward I became determined to be the force happening to my life. 


14. Most overrated advice / trend right now (in your opinion):


Ketogenic diets (I’m a nutritionist) 

“Everything in moderation” will never go out of style, but I promise high fat diets will…


15. Something you feel like saying:


If there is something you want so badly you’re afraid to speak it—afraid to acknowledge the desire exists at all—because who are you to get something so spectacular? THAT is the thing you need to pour your energy into getting. Don’t waste your energy pursuing distractions you think will make you “happy enough” …spend it wisely pursuing the thing that’s going to fulfill you on a soul level that no one else understands. 

…life isn’t about “getting”, it’s about respecting yourself enough to go after what you want…and surrounding yourself with people who acknowledge your success when you do so—fall or fly. 


16. Fave website / youtube video / link online at the moment: 


I’m obsessed with the movies, so I watch a ton of trailers on Youtube plotting out my next night out at the AMC. Since I first saw the trailer for Mid90s a few months ago, I’ve been obsessed with Jonah Hill’s directing debut. The movie didn’t disappoint, but honestly, it’s the trailer I can’t stop watching. Something about the music + the emotion just resonates…puts me in a good headspace.

(FYI it’s p explicit) 


17. Fill in the blank: I’m happiest when I: _______________________


Am surrounded by close friends—the kind who help me discover the core of who I am, and who inspire me to live by it.


18. Tag a gem who inspires you: 


Rachel Turner at StrongChicksRock


"Event + Response = Outcome (E + R = O). Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."