quarantine routines:

milan moffat


2020 is not the year anyone was expecting. For those who may have already been going through life changes and trying to develop/create a routine, the **pandemic** just threw that out the window.

I've been curious how others I admire are taking routine into their own hands during the quarantine.

Get inspired by the peeps below:


Milan Moffat

Currently: Brooklyn, NYC

What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

Wake up…slowly. Not an early riser unless I have an appointment or meeting. I’m freelancing for an LA-based remote startup so my workday is shifted a bit later, which my night owl self appreciates! I try not to check my phone, but let’s be real—I do. I catch myself though, and then beeline for the coffee machine. 

What's a day in your life look like?

(This is lately, due to Coronavirus. Before this, I’d usually do a workout class or yoga somewhere in the morning or after work. Get coffe, lunch or dinner with friends to get out of the house. I go to lots of design and wellness events throughout the week too.)

  • 9–10am — Wake up, shower, morning routine. Try to wear something I’d wear if I didn’t WFH.
  • 10–11am — Open my MacBook, check email/Slack/calendar.  What do I need to accomplish today?

  • 11–3pm — A whirlwind of Slack, Figma and good playlists on Spotify. I log what I do at work every single day throughout the day, so I can look back and see the progress.

  • 3pm — Eat something, take a walk. Water my plants. 

  • 4-7pm — Work. I find it easier to focus later in the day.

  • 6–7pm — Wrap up work. Sometimes yoga or workout. Check in with my husband and see what our nights are looking like.

  • 7–8pm — Dinner. I’d say 60% of the time, I cook. 40% I go out or order in.

  • 8pm–12am — Work on side projects, learn something new, watch TV, read. 

  • 12am–2am — Range of when I go to sleep. Usually on my phone, or talking to my husband in bed.

What's your morning routine?

Ideally, I start my day by taking 10-15 minutes to meditate and journal. I love the 5-Minute Journal app, and also physically writing in my journal. Starting the day with something you enjoy sets the tone for how you spend the rest of your day.

What keeps you motivated on days you don’t feel like following your routine? 

Good question! There are always going to be days when you just don’t feel motivated — and that’s okay. I try to be kind to myself and do what I can.


Coffee or tea?

100% coffee

What's the last pep talk you received or gave to someone?

My friend was feeling like she couldn’t take a mental health day or two at work, because everyone felt so ON all the time. My husband also has a tough time taking days off. I told her that especially during these pandemic times, it’s important to prioritize our health and happiness, in order to show up and do our best at work. You can’t afford to NOT take a break if you feel burnt out. It helps to think “They will survive without me there, the place isn’t going to burn down.”

"You can't afford to NOT take a break if you feel burnt out. It helps to think "They will survive without me there, the place isn't going to burn down."

What are some resources that are keeping you grounded during this time?

Gratitude, talking to friends and family, and motivating posts and accounts on Instagram. I love the Shine app, Girl’s Night In newsletter and resources, Insight Timer for meditation.

What’s your evening routine look like?

Evenings are my time to get inspired and create for me. We’re renovating our apartment so lately, lots of Pinterest and design inspiration! Otherwise, tidying up, side projects, read or watching something from Ted talks to Tiger King. I also love crafting, fashion and beauty so sometimes I sew, or try out makeup looks.


I’m working with my husband who’s a dev to build Type Party, a directory of the best web design using free and open-source typography — hopefully officially going live by the end of the month!


Are you a meal planner? If so, please share your go-to recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner right now OR just your favorite dish at the moment.

I wish I was better at this, but no. My secret is the meal delivery service Sunbasket, which is like Blue Apron but you can tailor your meals to be grain/dairy/soy/sugar-free. I learn a lot about cooking with different ingredients I wouldn’t otherwise try.


Finally, please think of someone you would like to give a compliment to and share it below. (Tag their IG handle if possible.)

I would like to shout out Flower Bodega, founded by New York native Aurea Sanabria Molaei (what a name!). I recently took a virtual flower arranging workshop with her and it was so much fun. I got to support a woman-owned small biz during this time and learn something new, so she has a new fan!