a different

take on salad: the

half & half

half cooked, half raw



Faye agrees. She’s just returned from a meeting at  Selfridges where she’s creating a Comme.

Les Ingrédients

half a cup of oats

one Granny Smith apple

handful of walnuts

one tablespoon of chia seeds



handful of blueberries

coconut flakes

dash of cinnamon

Key Concepts

Nutrition, Health

*A recipe excerpted from 0.4 Magazine Issue 01!*

If I were a food...

I would be a bowl of oatmeal. But not the gross packaged kind that you throw in the microwave. No. The classy, oven-cooked kind overloaded with cooked apple, coconut flakes, and a hefty dose of cinnamon. And walnuts. 

How to Make It

Put the oats and chia seeds in a cooking pot. Then, dice
a Granny Smith apple and add it to the pot so that
the apple will cook along with the oatmeal. Fill the pot with just enough water to cover the mixture. Cook everything on a low heat setting for about ten minutes. After the mixture is done cooking, scoop the contents out of the pot into a bowl and top off your masterpiece with blueberries, coconut flakes, and cinnamon.


Scientifically Good For You

Blueberries are filled with loads of antioxidants—this means they slow down the aging process and help make skin beautiful! Walnuts and chia seeds provide omega-3,
a fatty acid that has been shown in research studies to be more effective than placebos for depression.  


The oats are full of fiber, which is nutritionally important for a multitude of reasons including optimal digestion 

and heart health. Finally, cinnamon helps offset the spike of your sugar levels as you consume the fruit.