Truthfully, we had been wanting to get a fresh perspective on life so we interviewed a few of the people in our lives who we found the most inspirational. Sometimes it helps to get out of your own head and into someone else's...

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courtney donovan:

founder of SNB Life

Courtney Donovan is the founder of SNB Life: the 'unapologetic guide to health & wellness.' Donovan brings a unique and authentic tone to the fluffy ~health~ Instagram sphere; she cuts straight through the BS and owns the fact that there’s no shame in being a ‘snob’ about your health.

ashley profozich:

design lead at IBM

Designer, Ashley Profozich, is the queen of continuing to steamroll ahead despite whatever sh*t gets thrown her way. Relatable, funny, and inspiring - she talks us through love and life, her approach to self-care, and shares why she's just not that into the 'Whole 30' diet.

neha nair:

CEO of @send.doods

Senior Associate at Precision Strategies and co-founder of iconic Instagram account @senddoods, Neha Nair, is honestly too cool for school. She shares how she started her passion project, who her fave boy is, and her one-liner approaches to health and dating.

aoife dill:

polysci student

Political science student, Aoife Dill, is one of those vessels who possesses wisdom beyond her years. She sits down with us to share the four best pieces of advice she's ever received, how she defines L-O-V-E, and the music she's rocking out to right now. Read on for a *hecka silly* time.

audrey ball:

analyst at Bayer

Analyst, Audrey Ball(er), is radiant. Her immense passion for life, her purpose, and the people she loves is what gives her that ~glow~. And while she is a hard worker and supremely put together, this Baller knows how to have a good time, too.

tara dill:

#YOLO embodier

Tara Dill has been doing things her own way since 1997. After high-school, she took a gap year backpacking around Europe. She studied abroad in Dublin and then transferred there because it was where she felt happiest. If anyone actually does embody #YOLO, it's her.

sarah morford:

health entrepreneur

Healthcare entrepreneur, Sarah Morford, is fearless and inspiring. She shares her thoughts on the swiping sensation that is modern dating, how to get what you want, and what helped shape her perspective on life.

sara commet:

artist & writer

Sara Commet. How to even begin to sum her up? She's a writer, artist, lover of books & coffee and funny as f*ck. She is both an enigma but also an open book, a super hard worker but also down to get down, has powered through years of NYC agency life and yet maintains perspective and a sense of humor. Intrigued? You should be.

Emily Ching:

Designer + Founder of 
The Wrapping Project

Emily Ching is the founder of The Wrapping Project: a business that sells Origami pop-out boxes made from eco-conscious materials. She is also the person who is responsible for my love of margaritas, tacos, and sweet potato emojis. One of the best designers I know, she shares some real gems of wisdom. 

stephanie hughes:

product designer

Stephanie Hughes is the Founding Product Designer of Trainiac: a platform that provides personal training on your own time. Previously at Facebook, Microsoft and Artefact, she's a seasoned designer who is driven, passionate, & takes no sh*t. Watch out world, Steph Hughes is coming for ya.

cori maass:
artist & founder of coral monday

Artist, Cori Maass, hails from California so it's no surprise she's making ~ waves~. She creates art, murals, tattoos and writes letters — the latter of which are super relatable & I remember reading at the gym when I was having a particularly #sadgirl day. Hilarious and absurdly talented, Maass is one to look out for.
IG: @coralmonday 

brenna marketello:
designer, rule breaker, world traveler

Brenna Marketello: rule breaker, world traveler and most recently Lead Product Designer at Pinterest. When I reached out to her for an interview, she let me know that I caught her at the beginning of a 6-month solo sabbatical traveling through Europe (and then Asia!). Her response: "I’ll try to fill out the interview this week in Menorca as I’m just chillin' at beaches for a week." Inspired? A little jealous? We are.

terrie & frank bach:
founders of Sunshine Shop LA

Designers Frank & Terrie are pioneering a new kind of clothing line: meditative apparel. Sunshine Shop LA has recently launched and is the culmination of compassion, wellness and somehow at the same time...effortless coolness.

Get to know the designers behind the ~mindful~ brand.

alia knowlan:

lead designer at
brightside health

Alia Knowlan is the lead designer of Brightside: a new app that is focused on personalized treatment plans for depression and anxiety. Unlike traditional approaches to treatment, Brightside encompasses a more holistic approach, including personalized medication plans, an educational nutrition component, and even Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


Knowlan is leading the revolution to a new design approach to mental healthcare.

ken seeno: lead product designer at

Ken Seeno can't be summed up: he's a designer at Headspace, surfer, boxer, twin, and the founder of the board, which is a collection of eclectic objects ranging from cars to old CD covers. He's the cool kid that you want to befriend and he's sharing his POV on love, how life is like surfing, and how he's given up FOMO. Read on:

morgan woodruff: feminist, coffee drinker, & psych student

Morgan Woodruff is a feminist, coffee drinker and psych student at Western Washington University. Courageously candid and truly one of the funniest people I know, Morgan inspires me with her resilient, yet upbeat attitude, and acceptance of all things that are a work-in-progress.


Because everything always is, right?

jake lunde: 
designer at Blink UX

Jake Lunde is a designer at Blink UX, baker of sourdough & Swedish cinnamon rolls, and proponent of weed as a way to wind down. So very Seattle. 

rachel hoversland:

PM at Nordstrom

Rachel Hoversland is the hostess with the mostess. She's a PM at Nordstrom, famous for her Friendsgiving feasts, and truly a beam of freaking light. She moved from Casper, Wyoming to Seattle, Washington a few years ago and built a community from the ground up. Find a friend in Rachel and don't let go because she's gem.

alyssa benjamin:

founder of Our Nature podcast

Alyssa Benjamin is an independent brand strategist and the founder of Our Nature: a podcast that explores the methods, systems, and practices that bring us into greater alignment with the natural world. She's keeping it real, shares some fresh ways to stay grounded on sad girl days, and is an advocate for going to the river regularly.

randall dill:

retired & wise, ex-Boeing engineer

Randall Dill is a retired Boeing engineer, a dedicated saxophone player, and my cool-ass dad. I'll never forget walking in on him smoking a joint in the dark on a Wednesday school night only. (He spent the entire next day googling 'how to talk to your daughter about drugs.') Prob one of the coolest cats I know and my #1 advice giver. Read on for some wisdom:

meaghan davis:

strategy & operations at door dash

Meaghan Davis works in Strategy & Operations at DoorDash. I first met her at a house Halloween party in Seattle where we were among the minority who were less than into drinking "protein" margs (felt slightly questionable...) She's one of the kindest gems I know, wicked smart, and always down for a good time. Biz school is her next move - watch her become the CEO of something rad in no time.

gabriel stromberg:

creative director of civilization

Gabriel Stromberg is the creative director of Civilization -- the legendary design studio, based in Seattle. Civilization is one of my all-time favorite studios because they do stellar work, host regular design shows in their Pioneer Square studio, and are advocates for design education. Their *free* 'Design Lectures' series has featured world-class graphic designers such as Jessica Walsh, Eddie Opara and Paula Scher.

camila koziatek:

consultant at accenture

Camila Koziatek is a Digital Products Consultant and a bo$$. She's letting us in on her Leo-esque approach to life: how she utilizes visualization in manifesting her reality, why being authentic is key to forming lasting relationships, and the best advice she's received when it comes to kickstarting your morning. Oh and, Travis Scott makes his debut. Cheers to leveling up:

leah wetzel:

fitness instructor at leahluv308

Leah Wetzel was my first new friend when I moved to LA. She's a Yoga Sculpt instructor at Corepower, a spicy margarita lover, and exudes energy. She's teaching VIRTUAL yoga sculpt classes at @leahluv308, with the best playlist I've heard yet. She shares how her (three) trips to Bali this year shaped her POV on happiness...and it's prob not what you think.

jacqueline marra:

founder of Dirty Girl Soaps

Jacqueline Marra is the Founder of Dirty Girl Soap, an organic handmade soap company. She is definitely one of the most positive humans I've ever come across; she listed her first layoff to be one of the best things to happen to her, which is the kind of attitude I aspire to have. She shares conspiracy theories, her dating advice, and go-to hydration pick me up. Marra everybody:

quarantine series: micah carroll

Micah encapsulates the definition of a conscious, driven, yet zen product designer. Ex-Amazon, currently at Teikametrics, and based in Boston, he runs the slack group Support Your Friends and his own design-driven YouTube channel.


He takes us through his quarantine routine:

jozef bañuelos: 
product designer

at Lingo

Jozef Bañuelos is *the one and only* Product Designer at Lingo — the visual home for your brand. He's an insanely talented designer, a Pisces sun (!!), and the king of sarcasm. From motivational alarms to his opinion on the hustle culture, Jozef is letting us IN and we're here for it.

stephanie ma: 
visual designer

Stephanie Ma is an insanely talented designer I came across while perusing Maxi Best of — a curated set of the latest (and greatest) websites. (Her portfolio was included!) Aside from design, her candidness is incredibly inspiring. In this interview, she shares snippets from her own life journey and motivates us to continue to chug along...