the new

face of skincare

how meditation
is changing the face (hah)
of skincare

Yooooo. So let's talk about something that I'm pretty sure is going to blow up soon when it comes to skincare. Or not. We might be a little bit ahead of the game when it comes to discussing the scientific effects of meditating on the state of your skin.

The Science

Studies have long documented the ongoing showdown between medication and meditation in the quest for healing skin. And who won? ...the underdog. The yogi in all of us.

In a study published by Harvard Medical Center, researchers found that meditating twice daily was as effective as the prescribed medication in clearing up spotty skin. WHAT. Why am I just finding out now that there is a way to avoid putting another freaking pill in my body on a daily basis. I know. I KNOW.

Why does this happen?

Let's have a quick review on the placebo effect. The placebo effect is something that has stymied scientists for a long time now. Nobody can really pinpoint why our belief that something is working often works as well as medication prescribed in a drug trial. It's like some magic sh*t that we just can't explain.

Some researchers have posited that our mind is so powerful because of something called 'self-efficacy': the belief that we have control over our fate. Believing something works tends to...make it work.

Where can I try it out?

Here. Here. And here. And why should you? Because while the science may still be catching up to the implications of meditation's effects on our lives, there's no side effects in trying it out. Also,


A) no prescription needed

B) maybe you'll be chiller, who knows 

C) meditation is cool

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