plants over pills?




over pills

why going outside

can decrease anxiety,
without side effects

Nature is scientifically healing

Nature isn’t just pretty to look at. It’s healing. Looking at visuals 

of the natural world are enough for people to reap significant health benefits, as psychologist Robert Ulrich showed in multiple studies.


The study

In one of his most famous research experiments, Ulrich studied
the effect a window view of nature in a hospital setting had on patients recovering from gallbladder surgery. The first group had a view of trees outside while the latter were subject to looking at a brick wall. Overwhelmingly, those who had the nature-view experienced tremendous health gains: they endured shorter postoperative hospital stays, had fewer side effects from the surgery, and required less potent painkillers compared to the patients who looked at the brick wall. 


Plants over meds

In another study conducted by Ulrich, he found that patients 

who had undergone heart surgery were able to reduce their anxiety and require less medication after looking at photos of trees and water.


The most healing of them all: H20
Ulrich posited that views of vegetation, especially water, seem to
decrease levels of anxiety. Both of these studies show the powerful effects of simply viewing nature even in a reproduced form.

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