Sara Commet. How to even begin to sum her up? She's a writer, artist, lover of books & coffee and funny as f*ck. She is both an enigma but also an open book, a super hard worker but also down to get down, has powered through years of NYC agency life and yet maintains perspective and a sense of humor. Intrigued? You should be.

1. What is your life motto right now?

I try to be self-aware and empathetic and do something every day that brings me joy. 

2. What's your most-played song within the past week? Why?


The new Whitney Houston x Kygo version of “Higher Love” has been big in the rotation, mostly just because it exists. (It’s great, it’s perfect.)


3. Your Top Three Books of All Time:

Oof. A tough one. I reread “Friday’s Child” by Georgette Heyer when I’m feeling sad or overwhelmed, because I loved it in high school. I reread Horace’s Odes & Epodes all the time (my copy’s starting to fall apart, fingers crossed that it pulls through). It’s ancient Roman poetry, and I find it immensely comforting that it still makes sense today. Also I love-love-love “Tastes of Paradise” by Wolfgang Schivelbusch. It’s a survey of the things we’ve loved for hundreds of years, like coffee, alcohol, tobacco and the social history behind ‘em. Yes I AM fun at parties. 


4. Your Approach to Health in One Sentence:

If you suspect you need something, you do.


5. Your Approach to Happiness in One Sentence:


Pay attention to the little stuff.

6. Your Approach to Dating in One Sentence:


It sounds overly simple, but: meeting everyone with radical openness and empathy, we’re all just humans out here. 

7. Funny/most cringe date:


It was an ACCIDENTAL date with a former coworker. I thought we were hanging out, he thought we were having a real ~moment~. (We haven’t seen each other since.) 

8. Your Most Used Word:


9. Last screenshot:

Hah, of COURSE it’s a post on Instagram I liked. 


It sounds overly simple, but: meeting everyone with radical openness and empathy, we’re all just humans out here. 


~heat wave~  canvas + acrylic

Art purchases can be made here.

10. What are 1-3 things you do when you feel blue to make yourself feel better? / or feel like you’re having an off day?

Dumping new stuff into my brain is the best way to break out of a funk.


My Saturday trio also works if I’m feeling blah:

1) coffee at my favorite shop

2) take in something new (art or a book usually) and

3) saunter through Tompkins Square park. To top it all off, I make something or meet up with friends. 

11. Insert most used emoji:​

relieved-face copy.png

12. Most inspiring quote:


I’m a sucker for quotes so it’s hard to pick one. But a couple weeks ago I picked up this gem by artist Lucio Fontana: “You have no idea how much stuff I throw away.” How great and how reassuring, right? People often only share out the polished versions of themselves, so it’s a nice reminder of the choppy seas behind the scenes.

13. What was the last thing that made you laugh?

Oh, you know, something I read. Either at the coffee shop this morning, or in a text from a friend. 

14. Who’s someone who you can rely on to always make you smile? Why/what do they do?


I’ve got a great gaggle of pals who know just what to say to make me grin, but my brother Ben might be best at it. Whether I’m stressed about work, or dating, or some other thing, he’s guaranteed to zip back a one-liner that makes me snort and suddenly it all seems less drastic.


15. Best advice you’ve ever gotten:

My friends constantly give me superb advice that I blaze past and ignore in the moment. Bless ‘em. But I’m forever grateful for the many reminders that it’s okay to put myself first.  


16. Someone/something that changed your life (for the better):


It’s almost always art or a book. I’m obsessed with this cartoonist from the mid-1900s: Saul Steinberg. He was known as a “writer who draws” and I could flip through his quirky projects for hours (in fact, I have). And, perhaps best of all, you can feel the FUN in it. It’s hard to nail down if something’s life-changing, but it certainly made me more comfortable with experimenting and making my own stuff.  

17. Most overrated advice / trend right now (in your opinion):


"Do what you love.” can be a dangerous / damaging mentality. Sometimes you just need to do work, and that’s okay.

18. Something you feel like saying:


A stroll helps just about anything.


19. Fave website / youtube video / link online at the moment: 


I like to poke around https://www.poetryfoundation.org/ now and again. 


20. Fill in the blank: I’m happiest when I: _______________________


learn something new.


21. Tag a gem who inspires you: 


Vero Souza! She’s an endlessly inspiring designer who helps wellness / health brands express themselves. Her ceaseless excitement and curiosity are truly inspiring.