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Tara Dill has been doing things her own way since 1997. After high-school, she took a gap year backpacking around Europe (before gap trips were as 'socially acceptable' in the US as they are now). Recently, she was studying abroad in Dublin and then decided to transfer and just stay there because it was where she felt happiest. If anyone actually does embody #YOLO, it's her.

1. What is your life motto right now?

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to accept the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. 


2. What's your most-played song within the past week? Why?

ros by Mac Miller - forever my favourite song.   


3. Your Top Three Books of All Time:

Harry Potter (specifically love the 7th book)

Anything related to WW2 (historical fiction)


4. Your Approach to Health in One Sentence:

Listen to your body.


5. Your Approach to Happiness in One Sentence:


If you aren’t happy, change something. 

6. Your Approach to Dating in One Sentence:

You have to be happy with yourself before you get into something with someone else.

7. Your Most Used Word:


8. Last screenshot:

Mila Kunis wearing ‘I’m SO a virgin’ t-shirt

You have to be happy with yourself before you get into something with someone else.

9. What are 1-3 things you do when you feel blue to make yourself feel better? / or feel like you’re having an off day?

​Listen to music, watch Netflix, meet up with a friend

10. Insert most used emoji:​


11. Most inspiring quote:


‘and here you are living despite it all’ - rupi kaur

12. What was the last thing that made you laugh?

Home videos

13. Who’s someone who you can rely on to always make you smile? Why/what do they do?

Emmanuel - always there to talk (day or night), came over at 5 AM after breaking up with my ex, just an absolute gem

14. Best advice you’ve ever gotten:

be loud, be proud, be heard


15. Someone/something that changed your life (for the better):

Moving to Ireland!


16. Most overrated advice / trend right now (in your opinion):

i have zero idea


17. Something you feel like saying:

this is your only life! have fun living it :)

18. Fave website / youtube video / link online at the moment: 


Netflix @GreysAnatomy 


19. Fill in the blank: I’m happiest when I: _______________________


am at peace with myself