walk it like

i talk it

how taking a
walk will scientifically
clear your head

The Age of Exercise

Ath-leisure is the thing now. Exercise is "in". Wear your yoga pants to work and it's not even considered a sloppy move: you're being trendy while simultaneously letting everyone around you know that you're a health guru.


Even though sweats have only recently made their way into high couture fashion, people have long known that working out is good for you physically. Despite this, the powerful effects of exercise in regards to mental health have too often been overlooked. Popular media has done a fantastic job of convincing us that the end goal of physical activity is to look a certain way, when in actuality exercise does so much more than that: it improves our mental clarity and emotional well-being tremendously.

So where does this all lead us to? The importance of the ten-minute walk. 

Sitting = Smoking

How many of you reading this article spend most of your day sitting? I know I do. This is because a sedentary lifestyle has become the norm for many of us: in fact, it's been estimated that the average office worker sits for about ten hours a day


So what? Some experts have even gone as far to claim that sitting is worse for your health than smoking, as too much of it has been linked to weight gain, diabetes, heart attacks and cancer. 

(Physiologically) Clear Your Head

Spending all day working at your computer so you can be as 'productive' as possible is actually quite inefficient and ultimately, nonproductive.


When you hit that 3pm slump at work, consider going for a walk instead of grabbing a coffee: it will give you a mental boost of clarity, since the light exercise increases blood circulation and the amount of glucose and oxygen that reach the brain. This process 're-oxygenates' the brain, which means that going for a walk actually does clear your mind.

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